Бесплатная доставка Программируемый popbloom морской аквариум светодиодное освещение полный ассортимент Reef 200 Вт Coral Fish Tank LED Acuario Марино лампа

Бесплатная доставка Программируемый popbloom морской аквариум светодиодное освещение полный ассортимент Reef 200 Вт Coral Fish Tank LED Acuario Марино лампа
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Smart Programmable Controller





WIFI Remote Control
wifi1  wifi2








14-daisy chain


  • The "Slow Acclimation" Mode in the first month to let your tank more comfortable in new environment,
  • After can be set "Vivid Color" Mode or "4 Seasons" Mode.
  • "Coral Fragging" Mode is suggested when cut/spread the coral
  • Recommended Lighting Time: 15 hours on, 9 hours off
  • Ideal for all period of aquarium growth
  • Suitable for coral, reef, SPS, LPS and so on plants grow in salt water / marine


1. The standard install way is the hanging way, if you prefer the mounting way(brackets), click the following picture to see.
2. The Mounting Arm Kit system is designed to provide an easy to use, adjustable tank mount .click the following picture to buy.

3. The extended line between the controller and panel is 40cm, if you want longer extension, click the following picture to see.


4. the power supply it is suitable for H3/E9 series.

arm kit                     extension cabledy

more lights for marine tank, please click this link:



more lights for reef coral tank, please click this link:






Please Note -1

*  Ending panel just has 2 cords in one side to connect to light panel or controller 


*  Middle panel has three cords in two sides connecting light panel and controller together(only the middle panel can realize daisy chain, 


if order 2 sets of this model, all panels can not be connected to one controller).


About the dutysome countries may have duty fee,because there are different rules in different countries, 

but     don’t worry about it,we usually write the lowest price on the commercial invoice for our clients to pay for less duties.



Please Note -1

There are two shipping methods:

1,if you choose the shipping method fast delivery such as DHL/Fedex/UPS, it normally take 3-10 days for your order arrive,


2,if you choose Seller\'s Shipping Method,it normally take 10-25 days for your order arrive,,but more countries will be customs free,


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